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Below are some samples of different kinds of videos we’ve produced. Whether shot in our studio live, shot on lo- cation, streamed remotely, or produced via animation/motion graphics, we have a broad spectrum of experience from which to draw upon for your application. This is by no means a comprehensive inventory, but this selection should provide enough variety to get your creative juices flowing as to our capabilities.

When you need or want something more sophisticated than a Zoom recording, we have just what the Doctor ordered! Using our Broadcast Quality Software, we can record up to 8 people in 8 separate locations and mix the screen views up in any way that makes the most sense at any given time during the broadcast and/or in way you can do that with a Zoom recording!

Let us know when you want to up your game, we're your secret weapon!

Speaking in front of a group? Want to capture the presentation for those who were unable to attend or just to memorialize the event? Leverage your efforts for future use.

This type of video has become somewhat ubiquitous in marketing circles. It’s simple, it’s clean, it gets your point across unincumbered by background distraction and keeps pre-planning to a minimum.

The set is comprised of a desk, a microphone, a TV monitor for branding, and any props appropriate for your talk. Your script scrolls on a teleprompter so you can focus on delivery, not memorization.

Similar to the Podcast-Style, this venue allows for more flexibility in the set and a more relaxed speak- ing environment. The set allows you to add items in the background to reinforce your profession and tell something about your interests and personality to further humanize you and the company.

We have prebuilt sets you can use or you can have a custom set built for a small additional cost.

Sometimes you may want to have a “raw” look and the Studio itself can become the backdrop, not unlike David Letteman’s interview show on Netflix, “My Next Guest...” backdrop.

This example shows how we use a part of our studio to mimic the Letterman show look/feel for this client “talk show” video.

Another popular video format is the Interview. This can be done in a casual “talk show” format where both the interviewer and interviewee are on camera, or can be done where only the interviewee is on camera. In either case, we can edit the end-product simply, or as in the example to the right, in a more advanced manner. In either case, it provides the viewer with a “fly on the wall” view of the discussion.

Up your customer’s user experience by letting them choose what they want to know directly on your vid- eo! Great for increasing engagement and page time (SEO juice). Help your customers and prospects get find what they want without have to search all around for’s right there in front of them! Check out the video and see for yourself.
Imagine the possiblities!

Sometimes, shooting live video just isn’t practical. We find this departure most often in the medical, technology, and science fields showing a drug flowing through the body, an electron traveling down a chip, or an atomic scale representation impractical, if not impossible.

In such cases, animation and motion graphics are the ideal solution to representing these scenarios and many others. We have the chops...let’s get to work.

Have a story to tell? Interspersing interview video with supporting graphics, video clips, etc. can increase the effectiveness and emotion of the story you’re telling.

Hosting or attending a tradeshow or event and want to promote it in the future or your participation? We’ve got you!

We’ve shot everything from smaller local exhibitions to multi-day Expos in Las Vegas. We have the gear, the shooters, and the expertise to cover your event and bring back the video needed to edit a final product that will capture the excitement and quality of your event and convey your message.

We’re experts at green screen videography. Using our expertise, we can literally place your spokesperson into practically any environment. Notice how “The Talent” appears to be 3-dimensionally embedded in the scene. Not only do you benefit from our ability to control light and sound in our warehouse-sized studio without the cost associated with a location shoot, but you can also create environments in the video that may not be practical or possible in a “live” shoot.


GREEN SCREEN VIDEO - "Visual Support"
Sometimes you want your background imagery to add visual interest and reinforce the spoken word. Green screen video is perfect for this type of hybrid message delivery.

After you’ve scripted your message and laid out your storyboard [yes, we can help with both of those:-)], then comes the background image selection, video editing, and Voila!, your visually engaging message delivery on steroids!

We understand that not everyone is suited to, or appropriate to appear in, video promotions/content. No worries.

Fortunately, we have access to a pool of talent that has experience on-camera and can represent your message well. If you have logoed apparel, send it on over and we’ll have The Talent put it on to reinforce your Brand.

By the way, this was also a Green Screen shoot. :-)

Have a product you want to showcase? You’re at the right place!

Whether it be a product demonstration, an “unbox- ing” video, a time-lapse production, or any other style you prefer, we’ve likely done it or can do it.

Large or small, in-studio or on location, we have the gear and the expertise to tell your product story in the way your target audience will best receive it.

Let’s discuss your project and bat some ideas around.

Want to show a visual that extends over a long period of time but want to shrink down the viewing time? Time lapse videography is your answer.


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