Business Scripts to Build Rapport


Intro – Upcoming Call

Intro – Upcoming Meeting


Call Confirmation - Simple

​Meeting Confirmation - Simple

​Call Confirmation - ​with Agenda

​Meeting Confirmation - ​with Agenda

Need to Reschedule

​I Need To Reschedule Call

​They "No Showed" For Call

​I Need To Reschedule Meeting

​They "No Showed" For Meeting

Post Phone Call/Meeting

​I Look Forward To Our Next Call

I Look Forward To Our Next ​Meeting


​Thanks For The Referral

​We Would Appreciate Your Referrals


Just Sent Over An Agreement

​Here Are The Agreement Changes

​Following Up On Agreement Sent

​​On Boarding

​Here's A List Of Things We Need To Get Started

​​We've Gotten Started, Still Need A Few Things

​​​Here's A List Of Things We STILL Need To Get Started