On Location

When it comes to your On Location shooting options, here's a list of the most common options from which to choose:

1. Office

If you’re shooting a company-centric video, then using your office will not only be the most convenient; it will also be the least expensive. This is the easiest and safest place to shoot and provides plenty of opportunity for natural B-roll, complete control of visuals and sound, and a great backdrop for interviews. Your office will have its own ambiance.


2. Home/Homestyle

Whether your actual home or apartment, that of a friend’s or renting one through a service like Airbnb, like the office location, it provides a lot of control of your environment. Be sure to scout the space to incorporate the specifics into your creative process as well as into your storyboards.

3. Outside/Outdoors

While filming outdoors lends itself to almost unlimited possibilities, it also can introduce a slew of scenarios out of your control. You may be required to get permits and perhaps permissions of local businesses if encroaching on their space. Be sure to be mindful of the time of day for lighting (and lighting changes as the day progresses) and environmental noise sources that might throw a wrench into any recorded dialogue.


4. On-Site

Filming at a specific location, like a restaurant, retail store, warehouse, or clinic can be a powerful way to support the intent of the video. Showing the “business in action” adds dynamism and texture to the spoken word. Be sure to let anyone participating in the shoot know when they’ll need to be available to keep things moving forward smoothly.


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