Equipment and Sets

Visual Communication Studios has a variety of equipment and sets to accommodate most needs. If we don’t have it, let us know and we’​re happy to talk it through with you! 

We have professional video and sound equipment to ​ensure that any video you produce is of a quality that you can be proud. Our knowledgable technicians will be there to guide your shoot so that you can focus on your message and leave the "driving" to us.


  • 4K Cameras
  • ​Steadicam
  • ​EV 320 Microphones
  • ​Yamaha MG12XU Mixing Console
  • ​“Talent” Lighting (up to 4)
  • ​Green Screen Lighting
  • ​Cast Your Computer Screen
    • ​Use your MAC computer screen as a video source
    • ​Show websites, presentations, video clips and more
    • ​Use your MAC’s built-in webcam as an input
    • ​Stream Skype calls, up to 4 participants


  • Conference Table
  • Coffee Table and 2 Chairs
  • ​Green Screen
  • ​Edison Lights
  • ​White Board
  • ​Custom Sets Available
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