Agency Partnerships

We love to partner with marketing agencies to help them “Wow!” their clients. Being marketers ourselves, we understand that crafting a great marketing video requires a different set of skills than shooting a wedding. And unlike most weddings, the partnerships we create with our Agencies last well beyond the Honeymoon.

AND we truly appreciate the time and expertise you’ve expended to establish and maintain client relationships which is why we offer WHOLESALE PRICING to the Agencies that work with us! We also understand that as an Agency, no matter where you’re located, you likely have clients all over the country and perhaps the world. No matter where your clients are located, we have programs to help you incorporate effective video into their marketing mix.

In Studio

If your client is able to come to our Studio, there are inherent efficiencies which enables us to offer extremely competitive pricing. Additionally, we have a variety of sets from which they can choose or we can create custom sets as needed.

On Location

We understand that sometimes it just makes sense for us to shoot on location…like a Las Vegas Expo, surfboard promo at the ocean, etc.. We’re happy to create a custom quote for your project.

Spokesperson Video

Often times, all that’s needed is a Spokesperson and a well-crafted script to get your point across. Green Screen video is not only well suited for this type of shoot, but is also very cost effective.

Fill in the form to access our video training series explaining more detail about professionally shot and edited Green Screen (we’re not talking about cheap-o gig economy stuff here).

In the video series, we detail the following topics:

  1. The Demand for Video
  2. Top Reasons Marketers DON’T Choose Video
  3. How to Sell Video
  4. How Does Green Screen Work?
  5. Advantages of Green Screen Video
  6. Top Business Uses
  7. The Process
Green Screen Series Optin

We understand that communication is key to a good partnership which is why we ask lots of questions and listen before we offer our suggestions (hey, that would probably help lots of marriages last longer too, eh?). We know the technical side, but more importantly, being marketing gearheads, we understand that while everyone appreciates "pretty", "pretty" isn't the objective...

Getting a defined and measurable result is.

To see if we're a good fit for your Agency and to brainstorm ways about how we can help you shine with your clients, click the button below to schedule a call.

We'll always be gentlemen (well, most of the time) and we'll get you home safe by 10 (and your Dad will love us!).



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