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We have the pleasure to work with businesses and agencies across the country. For those not in geographic proximity of our studio, or for when it just makes more sense, we employ our professional-quality Green Screen video. We’ve developed a method that enables us to “insert” a spokesperson in our studio into virtually any environment in a seamless fashion, such as in your reception area, in front of your premises, on a job site...virtually, anywhere.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “I’ve seen Green Screen before, and it looks cheesy”.

While what you’ve seen prior may not be of the highest quality, we take great pains to ensure that when we deliver your finished video, there’s no “dairy” in sight. Check out some of the samples we’ve included below to help you better understand our capabilities.

Also included is a sample of our Decision Tree Video Technology (you haven’t seen anything like it!), our Motion Graphics demo reel and some samples of our SAAS video platform: fliQster.

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When you need or want something more sophisticated than a Zoom recording, we have just what the Doctor ordered! Using out Broadcast Quality Software, we can record up to 8 people in 8 separate locations and mix the screen views up in any way that makes the most sense at any given time during the broadcast and/or in post way you can do that with a Zoom recording!

Let us know when you want to up your game, we're your secret weapon!

We’re experts at green screen videography. Using our expertise, we can literally place your spokesperson into practically any environment. Notice how “The Talent” appears to be 3-dimensionally embedded in the scene. Not only do you benefit from our ability to control light and sound in our warehouse-sized studio without the cost associated with a location shoot, but you can also create environments in the video that may not be practical or possible in a “live” shoot.


GREEN SCREEN VIDEO - "Visual Emphasis"
Sometimes you want your background imagery to add visual interest and reinforce the spoken word. Green screen video is perfect for this type of hybrid message delivery.

After you’ve scripted your message and laid out your storyboard [yes, we can help with both of those:-)], then comes the background image selection, video editing, and Voila!, your visually engaging message delivery on steroids!

We understand that not everyone is suited to, or appropriate to appear in, video promotions/content. No worries.

Fortunately, we have access to a pool of talent that has experience on-camera and can represent your message well. If you have logoed apparel, send it on over and we’ll have The Talent put it on to reinforce your Brand.

By the way, this was also a Green Screen shoot. :-)

Up your customer’s user experience by letting them choose what they want to know directly on your vid- eo! Great for increasing engagement and page time (SEO juice). Help your customers and prospects get find what they want without have to search all around for’s right there in front of them! Check out the video and see for yourself.
Imagine the possiblities!


When you’re in need of high-production value video, VisCom Studios is your answer. When you need more of a “home-spun” look, check out our sister company,

As the saying goes, there’s a time and a place for everything. When you want to communicate your message in a professional manner and environment, you need VisCom Studios...that’s what we do best.

However, there are times when you want to be able to quickly and easily shoot lower production-value videos; this is where fliQster comes in.

FliQster was designed for extemporaneous videos where you don’t want/need a lot of rehearsal, scripting, or set design/build. Good examples of this are testimonials, video email, selfie-style video and the like. Where lower production communicates authenticity.

A SAAS platform, fliQster makes shooting videos from your phone, tablet, laptop or webcam as easy as point-and-shoot. It does all the editing automagically including adding an underscore and an intro and/or outro!

Plus, there’s a FREE 14-Day Trial.

Check it out, you’ll be glad you did.

Sometimes, shooting live video just isn’t practical. We find this departure most often in the medical, technology, and science fields showing a drug flowing through the body, an electron traveling down a chip, or an atomic scale representation impractical, if not impossible.

In such cases, animation and motion graphics are the ideal solution to representing these scenarios and many others. We have the chops...let’s get to work.


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