5 Tips for Choosing a Location

1. Understand the Purpose

Each video we shoot has its own individual purpose. Our team takes the time to fully understand who the client is and learns what they want to use the video for. Perhaps the video is going to be used for the client’s marketing materials, or maybe they will use it for training purposes. No matter what the purpose is, we like to think ahead for our clients to ensure that we are helping them choose the right filming location that bests serves each video’s purpose.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing Location

After we know and understand the purpose of the project, we work together with the client to advise on a shooting location. Depending on the type of video, this could be inside the client’s office, out in the field/on the job site, or at our in-house studio. We ensure that wherever the location is, we are finding the most aesthetically pleasing spots to use within the space that is available to us.

3. Use of Natural Light

When in doubt, we like to choose natural light over artificial light in our video shoots if we can. The use of natural light makes videos look more cinematic. It’s easier and usually more natural looking to complement light that already exists in a scene versus bringing in all the lights from scratch. Blocking scenes or filming interviews close to large windows or well-lit rooms is key. Lighting is best when it’s already motivated by obvious sources. There’s nothing more unnatural than random sources of light pouring in from areas they shouldn’t be. When shooting outside, we like to use shade and diffusion to soften the sunlight and prevent harsh shadows on the talent.

4. Time of Day

This leads us to the time of day. When using natural light, we like to make sure we are shooting at the right time of day when the light is best for each particular shot and for the tone of a given project. For example, an empathetic healthcare scene inside a room with windows would be best shot in the middle of the day when the sun isn’t blasting full force through the windows. On the other side of this, a dramatic commercial about a farmer and his young son would be much better shot early in the morning before and as the sun is rising. In either scenario, we work to ensure the location’s natural lighting complements the project’s story and also that the lighting instruments we use are working to complement and/or enhance the pre-existing light.

5. Background Noise

There is nothing more distracting in a video than bad sound, especially when that sound is unwanted background noise. When we advise on choosing the right location for a project, we want to make sure it is a quiet area (if possible) so that viewers can focus on the subject matter and not construction noise or a traffic jam in the background.


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