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Professional Spokesperson Videos

We’ve perfected the process of creating top-quality green screen videos that look like the spokesperson is actually at your client’s location. The problem up until now has been that you were forced to go to one of those online gig-economy sites for green screen. And that’s not a bad alternative if getting a truly professional result isn’t that important.

White Label our top-quality custom Spokesperson videos at a price that your clients will love and grow your bottom line!

When quality matters, you need a professional studio to shoot and edit the videos...and that’s where we come in. Because of the size of our studio and the mountain of gear we own, the quality of our green screen videos can’t be matched by someone shooting in their spare bedroom

Program Highlights


Video 6-Pack Pricing

To keep the cost affordable, we sell packs of 6 videos - MSRP of $2,495...or around $415 per video shot in a full studio with professional cameras, audio, and lighting. Schedule a time to talk wholesale pricing.


One-Stop Shop

We handle it all. From scripting through editing, you just throw it over the fence to us and we take it from there. You sit back and we do all the heavy lifting. Ask us about motion graphics and live streaming!


Customized For Your Client

Select your preferred pre-written scripts from your client’s niche and edit them as desired. Mail us their logoed apparel along with your chosen backdrop photo and you have a one-of-a-kind video.


Affordable and Profitable

Our custom Spokesperson videos are priced at a level your clients can afford with a healthy profit margin included for you. Perfect for the SMB market and your pocketbook!

Why Are Our Videos Better?

We have a specific area within our warehouse-sized studio where we ONLY shoot green screen spokesperson videos

Why does the size of our studio matter? Two and separation.

The software that removes the “green” and enables us to replace the background with the image of your choice relies on
its ability to break the scene into layers...Spokesperson in the foreground, green screen in the background.

Our studio size allows us to place the spokesperson about 15 feet in front of the green screen and the camera another 15 feet beyond that. Because we can then light the “screen” and the “talent” individually, the software is better able to re- move the green more effectively yielding a sharper end result. Unlike lesser quality alternatives, fine detail such as fly-away hair looks as real and authentic as in person.

Let’s chat to see if our videos can help you and your clients

We work with Agencies all over the country...this is not our first rodeo. We’d love to learn about your Agency, your client mix, and brainstorm ideas with you about how you can leverage our services.


What Agencies Are Saying

Ken Madsen 5 Crop

It'a all about delivering value...

At Riley Design Associates (RDA) it is all about delivering value to our clients and collaborating with experienced, creative, professional partners. That is what we always get when we partner with VISCOM Studios for our clients’ video needs.

KEN MADSEN // Principal, Riley Design Agency

The customer service was off the charts!

The quality of the (Green Screen) video was really high, they were really willing to work with us to make any changes that we was just a great experience and we really enjoyed the videos we received.

SETH EVANS // CEO, Big Fish Local

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The Process

So, what do we require of you and what you can expect from us?

Script Edits: We have a variety of scripts pre-written for a variety of niches. Once we’ve established a working relationship, we supply you with a number of scripts for your client to review and edit. We’ve found that while most people have trouble writing from scratch, most will do just fine if all they have to do is edit.

Custom Scripts: If we don’t have any scripts pre-written for a particular niche, then we need out- lines (bullet lists are acceptable) of the content your client would like to convey. We’d like to receive at least 12 topics for that niche. We’ll then write and storyboard the scripts for you and your client’s review and edits. If the niche is one in which we expect to be able to leverage for other similar businesses, then we’ll front part or all of the cost for this process. We’re happy to talk this through with you.

Your Backdrop: Once a project commences, we’ll send you our “GREEN SCREEN BACKGROUNDS User Manual” to provide to a professional photographer in your client’s locality instructing them about how to properly shoot the backdrop for our purposes. This includes detail on lighting and perspective so that when we “insert” the Spokesperson into your backdrop, it appears as if they are actually on location!

Script Review and Approval: Once we get back the edited scripts, we’ll do a final review to make sure there are no grammatical or sentence structure errors.

Choose a Spokesperson: We have a directory of spokespersons from which you and your client can choose. We’ve included a variety of genders, ethnicities, and ages to give you plenty of options. If you can’t find someone from our list, we’re happy to discuss sourcing a specific type of person at a small additional cost.

Logos and Apparel: If the business has apparel or other items displaying the business’ brand, just have it sent over to us and we’ll incorporate the items into the shoot to reinforce the client’s brand.

Initial Video Review: Once we have everything in hand, we proceed with the shoot. We’ll edit one of the videos and send it over to you for review and comment. If all is good, then we’ll proceed to edit the remainder of the videos in a similar fashion. If there are change requests, we allow for one round of revisions at the stated price... For any additional rounds, there will be a slight surcharge for each round.

Final Delivery: Once the initial video edit has been reviewed and approved by the client, we’ll edit the remainder and deliver them to you generally within 1 week.

Rinse and Repeat: You and your clients are so happy with the videos, you contract for another pack of 6!

The Best Time to Start Making Money From Video is Now!

Elevate your Agency by selling professional video. You’ll help your clients reinforce their brand and make more sales while you add another profit pillar. You’ll make money on the videos themselves and make money over time as you market them on your client’s website, in social media, in display advertising and other channels.


Frequently Asked Questions

Suggested retail price of a one-time payment of $2,495 for 6 Spokesperson videos. Ask us about our wholesale pricing for Agencies.

Yes, $850 Setup Fee and then 3 monthly payments of $795. You receive 2 videos per month for each of the 3 months. Ask us about our wholesale pricing for Agencies.

Figure between 2 -4 weeks depending on how quickly we receive the needed collateral and feedback from you.

We have a dual pricing structure. Retail for businesses and Wholesale for Agencies. We don’t list the Wholesale pricing online for our Agency Client’s protection and comfort. Schedule a time to speak with us and we’ll happily get into the details.

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If your client is in a niche for which we’ve already pre-written the scripts, all you have to do is consult with your client and determine which 6 topics they’d like us to shoot. If you desire a topic not included in our pre-written library, then we can discuss getting that script crafted for you. Once you’ve selected your topics, edit the pre-written scripts to be specific to your client’s way of operating.
If you’re in a niche that doesn’t yet have any scripts written, you’ll need to provide us 12 topics along with the bullet points of information to be included and our writers can create the scripts. You’ll then need to review the writing to make sure that the information is being accurately conveyed.

We’ll need a hi-resolution image of the client’s logo (transparent background) Any other graphics you’d like included in your videos.

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