Unlike conventional videographers that charge by the video, we charge by the Session. Why that's good for you is that if you take the time to rehearse your script(s), you should be able to get multiple videos completed within your 1-hour Session.

It's our experience that you should reasonably be able to complete 4-5 one to two minute videos in one session which brings your cost/video down to around $100 each, give or take. The goal is to enable the majority of small to medium sized business to come into the studio once a month and produce enough content to upload a video a week. 

​Never has ​producing professional multi-camera commercials been so easy and so affordable.


Single Session - $525

  • 1 Hour, about 40 minutes of shoot time
  • To secure your shoot appointment, $262.50 to be received by VisCom at least 48 hours before your appointment time, the balance to be paid prior to commencement of the ​shoot.

6-Sessions - $475/Session

  • ​Last two sessions are paid up front to lock in the Package Price

12-Sessions - $395/Session

  • Last three sessions are paid up front to lock in the Package Price


​Download the below ​SHOOT GUIDELINES for detailed pricing and terms